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  1. Hello, it's been a while. There's been lot's going on here at Craftea Day and I can't wait to share all the new plans but you have to wait a little longer sorry!

    Just wanted to share with you some images from the latest hen party that we hosted along with Alices Vintage Pantry and Tah dah makeup ......

    Armed with 20 metres of bunting, paper pom poms (see here for a fab tutorial on how to make them) and vintage table cloths we set to work transforming the room that the hens had hired at the International Society Manchester in an hour.

    The afternoon tea table was set with beautiful china tea cups, cake stands filled with yummy scones and cakes and large china plates were filled with dainty finger sandwiches and little bud vases of flowers were placed on the tables. We had an area set up for the vintage makeovers and a table filled with fabrics, vintage buttons, beads and sequins for the crafty hens to choose from to make their creations with. The hen organiser, Robyn, who was the bride to be's sister arrived with lots of fizz to get the party started and we added stripey pastel paper straws to the champagne flutes. The little details are really important to us to help make our vintage parties feel as special and authentic as possible. As the hens started arriving in their finery we wanted the party to get started as quickly as possible so the vintage music began and champagne corks started popping. Once everyone had had chance for a quick chat and glass of fizz the afternoon tea was served, the makeovers began and the crafts were demonstrated so that everyone could just enjoy the day eating as much cake as they liked, doing a bit of sewing or having their make overs whilst they chatted. It was a really fun and buzzy afternoon. We took lots of photos for the bride and her hens to remember the day. Here are a few of the photos.....

    yummy afternoon tea from Alices Vintage Pantry

    Yum yum!

    hens getting crafty

    Hens getting crafty


    Vintage makeover with Sharron from Tah Dah

    Behive preparation with Sharron!

    hen sewing party

    sewing and eating scones

    bride and her sister

    The bride to be and her sister with fab makeovers

    Happy & glamourous hens ready for their night out

    Happy hens!

    We love all the extra details that make events so special. What special details have you ever noticed at parties, weddings or events?

  2. 2 blogs in 1 day -aren’t you lucky?! ;)

    Just wanted to share with you some photos from the last two hen parties we hosted. They were two very different days but with 3 very similar themes - vintage, cakes and craft!

    Pretty Vintage Hens
    This party was a perfect example of the ultimate vintage experience that we can provide! Vintage hair and makeup makeovers created by the very talented Sharron from Tah Dah, pretty polkadot dresses, red lipstick galore, scrumptious and indulgent afternoon tea courtesy of ‘Alices Vintage Pantry’ and an array of our hand picked vintage inspired fabrics, ribbons, buttons, beads and sequins!

    We hosted the party at Sale United Services Club arranged by the hen and as lovely as it already was we set to work when we arrived there transforming the room with bunting, vintage embroidered linen, flowers in bud vases, birdcages and a vintage singer sewing machine. Alice laid up the afternoon tea table with her gorgeous china cakes stands, teacups, saucers, tea plates and cutlery ready for the spread! Sharron set up a lovely table with her vintage mirror, curling tongues and make up brushes and I filled my lace covered table with baskets full of fabrics, crafty jars, pink powdered galvanised jugs full of scissors, and pretty buckets with sewing essentials such as stitch unpickers, needles and threads.  With a final application of red lippy for me and the tea pots filled to the brim by Alice we were ready to greet the hen and her hens!

    The ladies looked like they had a great time, chatting, laughing and enjoying the vintage tunes. The fizz was flowing, the sandwiches and cakes were well and truly tucked into. They looked fab with their flicks of eyeliner, victory rolls and curly do’s and my sewing starlets each made fabulous fabric corsages adorned with buttons, beads and pearls. They finished the corsages off with a brooch/hair clip back that meant they could either wear it in their hair or pinned to their dresses.  

    Below are a few pics... professional pics to follow.




    Vintage Garden Party
    The setting for this hen party was idyllic.  It was a lovely hot and sunny day ideal for a garden party.  The garden was a beautiful haven of gorgeous flowers, pure green grass and a pretty gazebo with lots of vintage memorabilia and decorations.  Some of the girls had no previous sewing experience but all of them managed to make their own corsages using a choice of pretty vintage inspired fabrics and buttons. It was such a hot day we had to bring the food out to the table in stages so the cream cakes didn’t spoil. There was plenty of jugs pink lemonade to keep everyone cool.  It was a lovely relaxed and fun party with lots of chat, cake and fizz! They had even organised a vintage bingo machine with prizes and a Mr & Mrs challenge.






    Congratulations to brides to be's Kay and Sally, we hope you have wonderful and special wedding days!

    Hannah x


  3. I know, I know it's been a while! I think that's testament to how busy I've been though! There's far too much to tell you in one blog post so I'm starting fresh from today!

    Today I taught part 2 of the kids 'Learn to Sew' class at Stitch studio in Ramsbottom. I get a very proud feeling from any class that I teach as I can see the improvement in most people even after just a 1 or 2 hour class but when I teach kids classes the proudness levels go off the scale! I know that this is just the start of a rewarding hobby (or career) and if they are learning the correct and safe ways to sew at such an early age then the sky is the limit for the types of things they will be making in the future! I've told every one of them to remember me when they show their first collections at London fashion week!

    The 'Learn to Sew' class has been split over 2 sessions due to the amount of information and terminology that is taught and to allow plenty of practice time with paper, fabric and to complete a small sewing project to take home. The sessions are aimed at beginners and I teach the complete 'basics' from switching it on, to filling a bobbin with thread, to threading the machine correctly. to choosing from the many decorative stitches and practicing the all important back stitching. Really everthing they need to know to be able to go home and start practicing sewing with their own machines.  Many of the basics are not always simple or quick skills to master and they take practice. I think it's important for learners to be told and hopefully understand 'why' aswell as 'how'. These basics really are the skills that need to be learnt correctly to enable any future sewing to be a success- Ive taught many adult sewing classes where some admit they have been threading machines up incorrectly and have often wondered why it isn't working correctly!  I can't wait for the girls to come back to the kids Craft Club monthly sessions now and really put their new skills to good practice! Here are a few piccies from the 1st and 2nd session (you might notice there are less in the 2nd session but it's because some of them had other school holiday plans today not because I put them off sewing for life!)





     Looking happy with their first machine sewn pin cushions! Well done girls!

    Hannah x