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  1. As well as teaching others I love to learn new skills especially crafty textile ones.  My main skills and experience are in sewing, embroidery and  creating exciting fabric surface interests but I would absolutely LOVE to learn how to knit and crochet as I would love to incorporate all these textile mediums all together to create unique pieces.  I saw these gorgeous crochet bags on pinterest by Future Girl and if I would love to crochet something and embroider into it like this.

    Crochet bags

    I have dabbled in a bit of knitting mainly using machines when I was doing my fashion degree  at university.  I also remember my nanna showing me a few bits and bobs of hand knitting when I was little but I guess I was never passionate enough to carry it on and practise to become perfect!

    So I recently set myself a goal to learn how to crochet. OMG!!! I'm not finding it easy!! In fact i'm getting VERY frustrated with it especially when it comes to reading patterns! So far I've managed to work out how to chain stitch, slip stitch and treble crochet and I'm trying to master working in the round next which is where I seem to be struggling the mot so far.  I'm been watching online tutorials and following the freebie instructions in Mollie Makes which are great but I think I need to book myself onto a class/workshop so someone can see what I'm doing which is quite ironic don't you think considering what my business is?! I know I will get there and I need to set myself time to learn and practice but one of my weaknesses is that I'm a bit impatient when it comes to learning and I want to be immediately brilliant at it! 

    So I will keep you posted on my progress -wish me luck-who knows maybe in the future we will be able to offer crochet workshops here at My Craftea Day taught by Moi !! ;) 

    Hannah x 

  2. Hello and welcome to My Craftea Days Blog! I'm Hannah founder of My Craftea Day and this is my first blog post on here! I'm hoping to keep this updated as often as possible with exciting things that are happening here, show you mini tutorials/ how tos' and also to share with you exciting crafty things and images that I see when I'm browsing the internet for inspiration!  I hope you enjoy and please feel free to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter to keep up with everything that is going on!

    Happy reading!

    Hannah x