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I know, I know it's been a while! I think that's testament to how busy I've been though! There's far too much to tell you in one blog post so I'm starting fresh from today!

Today I taught part 2 of the kids 'Learn to Sew' class at Stitch studio in Ramsbottom. I get a very proud feeling from any class that I teach as I can see the improvement in most people even after just a 1 or 2 hour class but when I teach kids classes the proudness levels go off the scale! I know that this is just the start of a rewarding hobby (or career) and if they are learning the correct and safe ways to sew at such an early age then the sky is the limit for the types of things they will be making in the future! I've told every one of them to remember me when they show their first collections at London fashion week!

The 'Learn to Sew' class has been split over 2 sessions due to the amount of information and terminology that is taught and to allow plenty of practice time with paper, fabric and to complete a small sewing project to take home. The sessions are aimed at beginners and I teach the complete 'basics' from switching it on, to filling a bobbin with thread, to threading the machine correctly. to choosing from the many decorative stitches and practicing the all important back stitching. Really everthing they need to know to be able to go home and start practicing sewing with their own machines.  Many of the basics are not always simple or quick skills to master and they take practice. I think it's important for learners to be told and hopefully understand 'why' aswell as 'how'. These basics really are the skills that need to be learnt correctly to enable any future sewing to be a success- Ive taught many adult sewing classes where some admit they have been threading machines up incorrectly and have often wondered why it isn't working correctly!  I can't wait for the girls to come back to the kids Craft Club monthly sessions now and really put their new skills to good practice! Here are a few piccies from the 1st and 2nd session (you might notice there are less in the 2nd session but it's because some of them had other school holiday plans today not because I put them off sewing for life!)





 Looking happy with their first machine sewn pin cushions! Well done girls!

Hannah x

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