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This is a bit over due but I wanted to tell you about a fab craft fair I went to last Saturday in London with 2 of my crafty friends! It was at Battersea Arts and Crafts Centre, Lavender Hill, Clapham and was organised by 'We make London' see their blog here for photos (there is one of me and my friends taking part in a workshop!) It was full of very talented crafters and gorgeous crafts it was hard to choose what to buy! They had mini workshops too and it was nice for me to take part in them and learn new things rather than being the teacher!!! We decided to do a simple tote bag screen printing workshop with Mr Wingate and had so much fun! We found it hard to decide what design to have on our bags and being crafty types felt the pressure to make them look really good and it made me think of people who take part in my workshops and the pressure they might feel -sorry guys!! The screen printing technique we were doing was quite simple, we had to draw a design and cut it out of paper, the paper was laid on a mesh screen and a PINK ink (which of course I approved of as it's the colour of My Craftea Days' branding!) was applied and pulled down the screen with a squeegy 3 or 4 times. Basically where ever there was paper the ink wouldn't be printed so we were left with the ecru colour of the bag wherever there was our paper design. Simple but effective. We had so much fun, it was really relaxing and Mr Wingate was very patient with us! His own screen printing work is great so make sure you have a look at his website (link above) Here are a couple of pics.......

Mr Wingate workshop

mr Wingate workshop 2

mr Wingate workshop 3

mr wingate workshop 4

mr wingate workshop 5

mr wingate workshop 6

mr wingate workshop 7

mr wingate workshop 8

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