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This is a little late but just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year! I'd also like to say thanks to everyone who supported us in 2012.  We had some fantastic hen do workshops this year, raised an amazing amount for Marie Curie with our Craft Fair, met some great potential customers whilst doing live wedding DIY craft demonstrations at some amazing vintage wedding fairs which helped me with my confidence and helped to spread the word of craft!!

Here at My Craftea Day we are really hoping that this is our best year yet! It's been 3 years this March since I was made redundant and I decided to go freelance with my childrenswear design skills and also set up My Craftea Day.  I have to be honest it's not been easy (but no one ever says that being self employed is) but I still wouldn't change what I have done.  However, I do feel it's time to mix things up a bit and 'up my game'-not sure if this is just a feeling people get at this time of year with all the new year resolutions being set but never the less I'm going to try even if its just one or few things that I do differently or better! 

The first thing I would like to do is to dedicate more time to actually being crafty myself and learn new craft skills! In 2012 half of my week was dedicated to the freelance work which included a lot of travelling up an down to London (due to where my freelance work is based) and the other half dedicated to My Craftea Day; preparing for workshops or wedding fairs, travelling to and from the workshops, sourcing fab new materials and trims and researching ideas for exciting things to be taught or made, keeping on top of the marketing side of the business, enquiries from potential customers and of course my accounts :( !!!  

All the above are an important and intergral part to running my businesses but it means I do not get time to do much of the creative side that makes me happy and ultimately could help me attract more customers by inspiring them to want to make or to buy what I've created!  So this year I've decided I've got to re address the balance! I'm not 100% sure what my plan of action is yet but by February I want to be able to start implementing some changes to help me reach my goals! 

Secondly (and this is one that is going to be hard but will probably help me to achieve my first change a bit more succesfully!) I need to be tidier!! I know the saying of messy desk creative mind but my goodness sometimes I can't even see my sewing machine for all the paraphanalia in my craft room! If I could just keep on top of it it would make starting a new craft project a hell of a lot easier!

Thirdly (and this one could help me to achieve both of the above!) I would love to have a larger creative space that I can hold workshops at and work in when I'm working on my own designs/crafts.  Whilst part of what My Craftea Days' point of difference compared to other craft workshops is that 'we come to you' I also feel there is a massive potential to having a space that people can come to where we can hold regular workshops. This is the real biggie and the scariest of my changes and one that won't happen easily or quickly but it's definitely something to work towards!!

So here's to 2013! I'll of course keep you up to date with the blog and hopefully you might get to see some of the above being put into practice!! Watch this space!

Hannah x

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