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So if you read my last post you would have seen my new years resolutions for 'My Craftea Day' and my own personal development and potential business growth.  I've still got a week or so until my deadline of the end of January to have my 'plan of action' for the year but I thought I would tell you about one of the ideas that I have come up with!- 'The Craft A Day Challenge'.
Now I'm not suggesting or even going to contemplate/attempt to learn or do a new craft a day as there simply isn't enough time in my day and I will fail and get annoyed.  So what I mean by this is to at least research and fuel myself up with creative images or instructions of interesting craft ideas that I would like to attempt and by doing this at least once a day throughout the week that I should be prepared and have the equipment/materials ready by, for example, the weekend so that I can try at least one or two of the ideas out. I'm going to do this research mainly using Pinterest.  You can follow me at Pinterest - and view all the images that I find! It's a fab place to search images and ideas and store them into your own catagories.  This week I've been a bit Pinterest mad as I downloaded the app to my i-phone and so whilst I've been travelling up and down to London it was a great chance to have a good browse! I saw these beautiful origami butterflies that would look amazing as a decoration detail at a wedding.  So this weekend I'm going to try them out as I'm trying to get some ideas together to demonstrate to the lovely brides & grooms, who will be coming to on 14th April, where I will be doing DIY wedding craft demos.  This is the image that inspired me posted by

origami butterflys

I will keep you posted and take a photo of what I manage to do!

Happy Crafting

Hannah x

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