The 'Craft A Day' Challenge-Week 1- so far!

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So I'm quite proud of myself as so far this week I've been sticking to my 'Craft A Day' challenge that I mentioned in my last blog post. 

Origami butterflies- research how to make them -tick!
Origami butterflies-have a go at making one-tick!
Origami butterflies-have a go at making more than one without looking at instructions-tick!
Research for new craft ideas -tick!

Photographic evidence!!:-

origami butterflies

So pretty and will look effective if threaded onto invisible thread and hung in a wedding venue or in the My Craftea Day craft room - photo to come! Scroll down for more of what I've been doing this week...........

weddding craft board

The above image is an extra treat. It's the research board I've put together using images I've pinned from pinterest  (pop along and see all my other pins- WARNING it's addictive!). I will use this board to help me come up with ideas for DIY wedding crafts as I've been invited to do some demonstrations at the 'Midlands Vintage Chic Wedding Fair' in April  As always I'm keen to develop all of the ideas I've been inspired by to make them different to the originals and unique to My Craftea Day. I'm afraid these will be kept secret, so you will either have to come along to see me at the fair or wait for the blog and photos in April!!! Or bribe me ;)
I'm going to be a busy bee!
Hannah x

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