The 'Craft A Day' Challenge-Week 4

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Hello! Hope you are all having a lovely 'Craftea' week?! I've had my usual weekly jaunt down to London and took full advantage of the 5 hours (in total) train journey to try and put the tips that my crochet tutor Anne-Marie showed me into action! I also took a little trip over to John Lewis to peruse their yarns and a few may have slipped into the basket ;)

So here is the photo of the new and improved crochet coaster from I think I am getting there! It's probably also helped that I used the correct yarn and right sized hook but I'm not blaming my tools for the reasons my last attempts didn't go so well!


crochet improvement

Getting there -would you agree?!

So the next plan is to attempt some little flowers that I can use to decorate other little bits of sewing I do-I will keep you posted!

Exclusive News!

One of my new plans for growing the business this year is to offer workshops for childrens parties.  It's in very early stages so this an exclusive for you!! So over the next few weeks I will be developing some child friendly hand sewing workshops using some of the books that I have bought for inspiration. Alongside 'My Craftea Day' I am also a freelance childrenswear designer.  I design the garments but also the graphics that are printed on them so I am looking forward to designing some cute characters and watching them come to life in felt format. I will post some pics when I've developed my own ideas but for now here are some of the books I've bought and photos of my favourite projects and characters!

  new crafts books

'Happy Stitch' by Jodie Rackley, 'Felties' by Nelly Pailloux, 'Felt Friends from Japan' by Naomi Tabatha and 'My First Sewing Book' by Cico Kidz.

new crafts

This one is my fave -I'm on a diet at the moment so maybe I can make some of these to look at as a substitute!

new crafts 2

Aw little mouse and her pretty dress!

new crafts 3

This one is a fab 'upcycling' one using old tights and gloves! It just so happens we could do with a draft excluder too so this will be a good one to make!

new crafts 4

Anything dog or bunny related has to be a winner

new crafts 6

Oh hello Mrs Cutie Toadstool!

new crafts 7

I love the mix of the printed cotton and felt on this one!

So watch this space and if you have any children aged 5 upwards that would love to have a craftea party then please contact me on info@mycrafteaday!

Hope you all have a lovely, 'Craftea' weekend!

Hannah x

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