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Yarn bombing-have you heard of it?! It's is a type of graffiti or street art that employs colorful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fibre rather than paint or chalk. (thanks Wikipedia!)  I've seen photos of it before and it always makes me smile but I have never seen any in person-until today!!  I always thought it was just done to fences, trees or benches but I googled it after seeing some today and I've now seen images of fully yarn bombed buses, cars, telephone boxes and bikes! There is even a facebook page dedicated to it !! Today I was out walking our dog with my husband and some friends in the Wyre Forest and we decided to pop into Bewdley for a pub lunch by the river. Afterwards we went for another little walk and ended up in a park behind the museum and spotted a tree covered in lovely colourful yarn!! It had a little notice on it saying 'please feel free to hug this yarn bombed tree'! So we did! It was lovely because it felt all cosey but solid -it was a good hug!

yarn bombing

what a beautiful tree!

yarn bombing 2

My hat blends in with it!!

Maybe one day my crochet skills will be good enough to give this a go!

I was a busy bee yesterday afternoon after my last blog. I started to develop some little felt characters for the new childrens sewing workshops we're planning to launch this year that I mentioned in yesterdays blog.  There are some modifications and construction techniques that need developing further but I thought I would give you a sneaky peak of the owl and dog I've worked on so far!



felties 2

I like her spotty ears and flower!

So I will keep going and keep you posted!

Hannah x

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