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Hello and sorry once again for a very overdue blog post! I have a very good excuse this time.  My husband, Jasper the dog and I have all relocated from Halesowen (near Birmingham) to the very lovely Chorlton-Cum-Hardy in Manchester.  My husband got a new job up here and as I grew up not far from here I was very happy to be coming back to my roots!

I had lived in the Midlands for almost 12 years, I met my husband there and we bought a house and started to settle. In 2010 I was made redundent when the childrenswear company that I designed for went into liquidation and I set up my freelance design business and My Craftea Day.  I was travelling up and down to London a lot with the freelance work.  Then my husband got a new job with IBM as a consultant and he had to be posted wherever there were current projects.  These mainly ended up being in London so we both spent the last 2 years travelling up and down to London, staying there during the week and coming back to the Midlands some weekends. Its been a fantastic couple of years where we have had the opportunity to do some amazing things in London and have been able to spend more time with the friends we have down there but for our own (and the dogs!) sanity we needed to be a bit more settled again! We have a lot of great friends still in the Midlands and we still own our house there so we are still connected and as I have been marketing My Craftea Day in that area since I set it up I will still hopefully be popping down every now and then!

So now to our current life! We decided on Chorlton as we have friends here and have always liked the area when we have visited them. It has a really cool and buzzy little street of shops, cafes and bars and arty/crafty gallerys.  It's also really close to Manchester city centre but also handy for the motorway for when I need to be off up and down the country with the workshops.  So that's the tourist information bit over! We are renting here and have been lucky enough to find something a little bigger than our own house that was within our budget, but it is not without it's compromises! I have never done so much cleaning in my life since we moved into this house! I won't go into detail but lets just say I have discovered that our window frames are in fact white not mucky grey/black!! We are also doing a bit of DIY here it's amazing how a lick of off white paint can transform a room!  The part of the house I am most overly excited about is MY room!! My craft room/studio space! It's double the size of the one I had in our last house and has loads of storage -all be it Ikea dark mahogany and mirrored but I can work around that! I set to work trying to prettify it almost as soon as we moved in and it is definitely getting there.  It's quite hard in rented houses to do exactly what you want, there is already some of the landlords furniture in here that doesn't neccessarily fit with ours and you have to get permission to even put picture hooks up so I have definitely had a challenge with this room! I still have quite a bit to do but I will let you have a sneaky peak at the room so far!

craft room 1

The desk and shelving unit that came with the house -totally bombarded with my button jars and paraphernalia!

craft room 2

My 'island' style desks, book shelves and filing cabinet!

craft room 3

How do you make a fan light that doesn't work look pretty? With paper pom poms and origami butterflys!!

craft room 4

Fairy lights for extra sparkle when it goes dark!

craft room 6

craft room 5

craft room 7

Making the most of the high ceilings and having all my bits and bobs on display!

craft room 9

nice big window sills to put more bits and bobs on!

craft room015

washi tape is useful for sticking up any inspirational images and illustrations!

craft room014

lots of wire draws for organising all the fabrics I have!

craft room011

craft room 8

The dog escaping from the madness!

So that's it so far! I haven't put the photos of the other half of the room up yet. It's full of plastic boxes at the moment, which will be hopefully moved somewhere else, to make room for a nice soft seating area for when I fancy a break and a browse through a craft mag or book for some inspiration!

I will keep you posted on the transformation of the house and our new life in Chorlton!

Hannah x

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