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Something I’ve been dying to find time to blog about is my first childrens party that I did back at the beginning of May!! I’m so excited about this as I think this is really going to help me expand My Craftea Day, to promote craft to a wider audience and also help children learn life long skills!  I’ve still got a bit of work to do before I can launch My Mini Craftea Days properly but I’m almost there!

The party I did was for a good friend of mines little girl Meg.  It was her 6th birthday and being a very clever arty type she was very excited about having a craftea day for her birthday party!! After weeks of pushing ideas backwards and forwards between myself and Heidi, Megs mum, the day finally arrived and armed with mini china cups with jelly set inside them, 10 felt owls cut out and ready to sew and all my craft equipment, child safe scissors and thick tapestry needles (less pointy and sharp) I was welcomed by Meg dressed in the prettiest party dress ever with the biggest smile and lots of excitement in her eyes!! Heidi (who is also a very clever arty type and who’s house makes me jealous as it ooozes style and simple vintage/scandi chic) had set the dining room up perfectly. Lots of room for me to get around easily so I could help the children and once I had laid out a few pink (of course) tablecloths, put some bunting up, laid the owls out, put my huge jar of threads and scissors on the tables and positioned the cat and dog pin cushions we were ready to go!! Meg was so cute sitting in the window waiting for her friends to arrive but we were a bit early so I let Meg have a little head start on everyone else and let her have a practice sewing on some spare felt.  She was a little star and sewed in a very straight line for someone who is 6 and had never sewn before! Pretty soon all her little friends all dressed in their party gear turned up, there were lots of giggly girls and a few very coy and shy ones that I knew would soon be won around with my hilarious jokes!  Ok so not many of them laughed at my jokes but they were all very good at paying attention to my instructions and demonstrations of how to sew! They all picked which owl they wanted to sew -I had pre cut the owls out of different coloured felts and had pre sewn co-ordinated printed fabric hearts on the owls tummy’s and their beaks as these are small and fiddley.  Once everyone was happy with their choices we set to work.  From this point on I learnt a LOT of lessons, tips and do’s and don’ts for future workshops I do which is one of the reasons I wanted to do the trial for a friend in the first place! My biggest one was to make sure that I always have help at hand whether that be mums of the kids to stay at the parties or I have to bring people along with me! Luckily some of the mums did stay behind and they were an amazing help with things like re-threading needles, unpicking and de-tangling threads, stopping the girls all wanting to go to the toilet all at the same time and making sure that all the girls actually had a finished sewn up owl by the end of the party! The other thing I learnt was that things tend to take a little longer than I had estimated so I now know to add more time in! It made me have even more respect for school teachers than I already had, being able to control and teach classes of 30 children at a time-I am in awe of you!!

Once everyone had finished their owls we cleared away the sewing stuff and had the vintage tea party with little sandwiches, cupcakes, the jellys in vintage tea cups and all served from vintage china look paper plates that I had sourced! All the girls thanked me afterwards and I even got a hug from one of them which was sweet! Also one of the mums thanked me as she had learnt how to thread a needle and now said she had no excuse not to sew buttons back on that fall off! Meg said that she had really enjoyed her party and that she liked sewing and still had a huge smile on her face! I had such a fab time it was a totally different experience to teaching at the hen parties that I do and made me realise that my little business has so much more potential! Thanks to Heidi for allowing me to use Megs party as a guinea pig run and also to Megs friends and their mums for allowing me to use photos from the day on my blog and website. For information on booking a childrens party please email and watch this space for the official launch!  See the photos below ........


The Birthday girl!


All set and ready to go!


Waiting for everyone to arrive!




The kitty pin cushion


Getting down to business





Stuffing the owls



messing around with the stuffing for the owls!!!


Well deserved afternoon tea!


Jelly in vintage tea cups



Candle time!


A finished owl


Some more finished owls-didn't they do well?!

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